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The North Central Local Government Association would like to thank everyone who made this last AGM & Convention a success. A full AGM write up will be debuting in our June Newsletter, published June 23rd. 

The updated/revised resolutions, convention minutes, and powerpoints will be updated to the website as soon as they become available. Check back for details!


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North Central Local

Government Association


 “The Elected Voice of North & Central British Columbia”

 The Facts

Established in 1955, the North Central Local Government Association is the advocacy body for all local government officials in North Central British Columbia. From 100 Mile House to the Yukon border, and from Haida Gwaii to Alberta, our association represents over 240 elected officials in over 40 local governments.

The NCLGA is the only democratically elected body representing North Central British Columbia. Our Board serves as the voice for an area that encompasses 69% of British Columbia’s landmass, 7% of its population base, and almost 60% of the Aboriginal population.

As a non-partisan, non-profit association, we work specifically for the benefit of our members – communities whose voices are often left unheard because of their size or location.  We are one of five area associations in British Columbia, working closely with our partner associations as well as our provincial counterpart, the Union of British Columbian Municipalities.

Our Board serves as the voice for an area that encompasses 69% of British Columbia’s landmass, 7% of its population base, and almost 60% of the Aboriginal population.

On a day-to-day basis, we work to move resolutions forward, address emerging and shared issues in our member communities, and help articulate our members’ perspectives & priorities to a broader audience. Resolutions form the basis of our work, and are passed at our Annual General Meeting each year; emerging issues are gathered through our outreach programs and increased communication with member communities; and education takes the form of community engagement, newsletters, presentations, and more.

...we work to move resolutions forward, address emerging and shared issues in our member communities, and educate members and key stakeholders on the NCLGA’s workings.

We give voice to our region’s residents through forming close relationships with government (provincial and federal), media, industry, and other organizations. This, specifically, means being present at the table when all key decisions affecting our region are being made, rather than left to deal with any possible consequences.


 The Future


In September 2014, the NCLGA Board ratified a new, four-year Strategic Plan. The process took extensive input from the membership over a two year period that included information sessions at two, separate AGMs. The findings were then parsed by the Planning & Priorities Committee to form the basis of this document. The NCLGA’s priorities over the next four years are as follows:


Become a Facilitator for Positive Change for Regional Issues 
This goal centers on the NCLGA’s ability to interface with other levels of government. This can be an information-sharing role (such as advising a regional district or municipality) or an advocacy role (such as meeting with cabinet ministers, MPs and MLAs to speak about regional issues). While we seek to instigate positive change, we do not strive to be the organization that becomes responsible for a local government when disaster happens. 
Seek Out New Members
In an effort to form a Board that is both representative and inclusive, new local governments (specifically First Nations) within the NCLGA’s borders should be pursued as members as they become eligible. To truly be the ‘Elected Voice of North Central British Columbia,’ we must be as inclusive as our constitution and policies allow, and ensure that all voices and opinions within our region are heard. 
Increase our Financial Capacity
Without the funds, the NCLGA’s ability to complete our mandate lessens considerably. If the NCLGA is financially viable, we will have the means necessary to work with senior levels of government, inspire change, and truly connect with all of our members on a regular basis. 
Form a Robust Network of Committed Organizations
This goal is region-specific and focuses on partnerships between the NCLGA and organizations that have considerable strength throughout our region. At present, the NCLGA does not have the staffing capacity or mandate to complete research comparable to other northern organizations. Some organizations also do not have the capacity to complete the advocacy role that the NCLGA can. This is one example of the many ways these partnerships can operate; by working in partnership, this will strengthen our region’s capabilities as a whole, and will open up the information-sharing channels between the NCLGA and organizations invested in our region. 
Make Resolutions More Effective
Through extensive internal research over the past two years, the membership overwhelmingly voiced the opinion that the current resolution process needs considerable improvement. The NCLGA has taken this feedback seriously, and is designing a long-term plan to remedy this issue.
Increase Communication from the NCLGA and Between Member Communities
Over the next four years, healthy, routine communication between the NCLGA and its member communities will be built. This means increased general information about the association, awareness of other communities’ activities, and up-to-date knowledge regarding resolutions.

To read the full Strategic Plan, please visit here.

2015 AGM & Convention


Join us for our 60th Annual General Meeting & Convention in Prince George.

This year's event will be an exciting opportunity to connect with officials from all levels of government, First Nations, and industry representatives.

The 2015 AGM & Convention will take place from May 6th - 8th, 2015. The conference will be located at the Prince George Civic Centre. Blocks of rooms for attendees are still available at the Ramada Hotel.


Convention Agenda, Sponsorship Opportunities, & Registration

To view the agenda, list of up-to-date sponsorship opportunities, or registration page, please visit the City of Prince George's event page here.

Please contact us with any questions about registration, sponsorship, volunteering, and more.


2015 Resolutions    

Can't wait until the convention? All 2015 NCLGA resolutions are now available to view on our website. Visit here to see them all.  


Contact Information

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