North Central Local

Government Association


 “The Elected Voice of North & Central British Columbia”

 The Facts

Established in 1955, the North Central Local Government Association is the advocacy body for all local government officials in North Central British Columbia. From 100 Mile House to the Yukon border, and from Haida Gwaii to Alberta, our association represents over 240 elected officials in over 40 local governments.

The NCLGA is the only democratically elected body representing North Central British Columbia. Our Board serves as the voice for an area that encompasses 69% of British Columbia’s landmass, 7% of its population base, and almost 60% of the Aboriginal population.

As a non-partisan, non-profit association, we work specifically for the benefit of our members – communities whose voices are often left unheard because of their size or location.  We are one of five area associations in British Columbia, working closely with our partner associations as well as our provincial counterpart, the Union of British Columbian Municipalities.

On a day-to-day basis, we work to move resolutions forward, address emerging and shared issues in our member communities, and help articulate our members’ perspectives & priorities to a broader audience. Resolutions form the basis of our work, and are passed at our Annual General Meeting each year; emerging issues are gathered through our outreach programs and increased communication with member communities; and education takes the form of community engagement, newsletters, presentations, and more.

We give voice to our region’s residents through forming close relationships with government (provincial and federal), media, industry, and other organizations. This, specifically, means being present at the table when all key decisions affecting our region are being made, rather than left to deal with any possible consequences.


 The Future


In March 2019 , the NCLGA Board ratified a new, four-year Strategic Plan. The 2019-2022 Strategic Plan identifies priorities, goals and actions that NCLGA will take as the voice of northern communities. The priorities over the next four years are as follows:


To demonstrate advocacy by providing member input into informed decision making


To communicate effectively and share important information and strategies through various tools and resources


To build productive and positive relationships with members, partners, other orders of government, the private sector and civil society


To maintain resiliency by operating a transparent and sustainable organization


To read the full Strategic Plan, please visit here.