Resolutions provide an opportunity for local governments of all sizes and from all areas of the NCLGA region to express concerns, share their experiences and take a united position.


Our members submit resolutions on province-wide or region specific issues for consideration by the full membership at the NCLGA’s Annual General Meeting. Resolutions endorsed by the membership are conveyed to senior levels of government and other stakeholders involved in the affairs of central and northern BC.


Issues too complex to be dealt with in a single resolution may be addressed through presentation of a policy paper for consideration by the membership at Convention.


The NCLGA works closely with the Union of BC Municipalities to build on the policy directions endorsed by membership through the resolutions process. Policy implementation activities have expanded from annual presentations to Cabinet to involvement in intergovernmental committees, regular meetings with Ministers and contact on a daily basis with other orders of government.


Resolutions must be submitted by a member community in order to reach the floor at the NCLGA AGM & Convention. The NCLGA does not take resolutions from non-members (hospital districts, industry, or other organizations). However, resolutions may be submitted by a member community on behalf of a non-member.


Please email us at if you would like to request any resolutions dated 2009 or earlier.