Affordable Rental Housing

Social Issues


WHEREAS the lack of affordable housing and co-operative housing in resource based communities is having a detrimental effect on the local economies and the quality of life for many British Columbians;

AND WHEREAS affordable housing and co-operative housing is essential to support vibrant and healthy communities, attract and retain skilled workers to our communities and affects the footprints into resource based communities:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that UBCM advocate to the Provincial Government to increase the number of new affordable housing units and new co-operative housing units constructed in British Columbia and allocate funding for resource based communities to plan in advance of funding announcements.


UBCM Comments: The UBCM membership has consistently endorsed resolutions calling for the province to increase the supply of affordable housing, including 2017-A2, 2017-B17 and 2014-B43.

Membership has also endorsed resolution 2014-B44 calling for rental assistance for housing cooperatives. In addition, UBCM recently released an affordable housing strategy, A Home for Everyone: A Housing Strategy for British Columbians, containing recommendations that call for greater supports for rental housing.

The Resolutions Committee would recommend broadening the scope of this resolution to British Columbia.



North Central Local Government Association