Consistency in Access to Emergency Social Service Resources

Emergency Services


NCLGA Executive Recommendation: Do Not Endorse | Endorsed by the NCLGA Membership


Whereas during the 2017 wildfires, evacuees ended up in several different locations;

And whereas evacuees unfairly received varying degrees of Emergency Social Services supports depending on the location/provider/day, which caused confusion, additional stress and resentment:

Therefore be it resolved that the NCLGA and UBCM urge the provincial government to take over management of Emergency Social Services during all Level III Provincial State of Emergencies to ensure consistency in the allocation of resources to evacuees and modernization of the ESS registration process.


The Resolutions Committee advises that the UBCM membership has not previously considered a request for the Province to take over management of Emergency Social Services (ESS) during a Level III Provincial State of Emergency, in order to ensure consistency in allocation of resources to evacuees.

However, the Committee notes that the membership previously endorsed resolution 2013-B90, requesting that the provincial ESS and Disaster Financial Assistance programs be expanded to cover secondary home owners and temporary residents.

North Central Local Government Association