EHS Services - Adequate Staffing in Community

Emergency Services


NCLGA Executive Recommendation: No Recommendation | Endorsed by the NCLGA Membership


Whereas the residents of Province of British Columbia deserve timely and professional emergency health care services when health emergencies occur;

And whereas many rural communities lack after hour and weekend access to medical clinics or hospitals in their communities;

And whereas the BC Emergency Health Services prioritization model often takes EHS crews from smaller rural communities to provide service to larger communities; based on population. This often leaves rural communities with limited or no Emergency Health Care resources in community; significantly increasing EHS response times;

Therefore be it resolved that the NCLGA and UBCM lobby the Province of British Columbia and BC Emergency Health Services to establish a staffing model that ensures adequate staffing levels are in place and remain within the rural community boundary before the BCEHS prioritization model can be enacted.



The Resolutions Committee advises that while the UBCM membership has endorsed several resolutions asking BCEHS to provide adequate staff in rural communities, the membership not previously considered a request that BCEHS to ensure adequate staffing levels remain in rural communities, before the BCEHS prioritization model can be enacted.

The Committee notes that the membership has consistently endorsed resolutions that have called on the provincial government to provide increased funding and innovative service and support models for rural and remote health care delivery (2017-B43, 2017-B135, 2016-B44, 2016-B124, 2014-B130, 2013-B43, 2013- B44, 2013-B45, 2013-B46, 2013-B47, 2012-B38, 2012-B39, 2012-B91, 2012-B93, 2012-B103, 2011-B60, 2011-B61, 2010-B43, 2010-B44, 2010-B112, 2009-B148, 2008-B49, 2006-B48, 2006-B50, 2006-B154, 2006- B156, 2005-B146).

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