Funding For Restorative Justice Programs in British Columbia



WHEREAS restorative justice is an alternative to the formal court process for certain criminal offences that enhances victim satisfaction while also encouraging offenders to take responsibility for their actions and provide direct restitution to repair the harm they have caused;

AND WHEREAS the success rates of restorative justice processes are higher than that of traditional criminal justice that result in significant cost savings while providing a valuable service to the Province of British Columbia but receive minimal, ongoing funding from the Province:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the North Central Local Government Association be requested to petition the Union of British Columbia Municipalities to request the Province of British Columbia to implement a stable, long-term funding source for Restorative Justice Programs.


UBCM Comments: The UBCM membership has consistently endorsed resolutions requesting that the provincial government provide a sustainable funding source for restorative justice programs, including resolutions 2016-B8, 2014-B5, 2013-B10, 2010-B2, 2009-B7, 2008-B4 and 2007-B3.

In response to endorsed resolution 2016-B8, requesting funding for restorative justice programs equivalent to what is provided to victims assistance programs, the provincial government made note of the full range of restorative justice programs it provides, as well as funding it has made available through the Community Accountability Program and Civil Forfeiture and Crime Reduction fund.

UBCM continues to monitor provincial developments related to restorative justice funding. In the past, the Province and Federal Government have encouraged local governments to establish restorative justice programs; some would prefer to retain more local autonomy over their restorative justice programs while many have placed a higher priority on receiving sustainable federal and provincial funding.



North Central Local Government Association