Grant Funding



WHEREAS local governments are accountable and autonomous orders of government;

AND WHEREAS local governments have legally mandated obligations to prepare official community plans, multi-year budgets, long term capital plans based on more and more sophisticated asset management systems, and a variety of other strategic plans for their communities;

AND WHEREAS local governments must be able to focus on implementing their publicly approved budgets and strategic plans rather than expending their limited staff and financial resources on grant applications and unnecessary reporting requirements:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Provincial and Federal Governments restructure all their infrastructure and social and economic grant programs to mirror the federal gas tax allocation to local governments in order to provide ease of access to year over year incremental funding.



UBCM Comments: The UBCM membership has not previously considered a resolution requesting both the federal and province government to amend all programs to align with the funding structure of the Gas Tax Fund.

However, previous endorsed resolutions (2014-B19 Federal Matching Grants, 2013-B19 Infrastructure Grants for Small Municipalities, 2012-B13 Infrastructure Funding Criteria, 2012-B69 Local Government Funding, and 2009-B29 Federal Provincial Infrastructure Program Funding) have all requested various changes to existing programs focused on funding formula (reducing local government share), streamlining processes and/or alternative allocation methods.

In BC, the Gas Tax Fund is allocated in two ways: (1) The Community Works Funds provides a direct, per-capita allocation to each individual local government, and (2) Pooled Funding (the Greater Vancouver Regional Fund for Metro Vancouver region) and (the Strategic Priorities Fund for all local governments outside of Metro).



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