Highway 16 Upgrades & Improvements

Transportation and Communication


WHEREAS the Trans-Canada Highway 16 is the only east-west highway connecting communities in Northern BC and is a critical link for the economic development of the region and province, especially providing access to the Asia-Pacific;

AND WHEREAS there is a need to facilitate the safe and efficient traffic flow on the highway through areas that are in dire need of improvements, reducing ‘bottle-necks,’ more ‘three landing,’ and safer level rail crossings, etc.:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that UBCM call upon the federal and provincial governments to allocate the necessary funds and implement a comprehensive program to make improvements on the TransCanada Highway 16 within BC.


Every day, Canadians rely on safe and secure roads to get to their destinations and back home again, and to efficiently move goods throughout the country.  As the port of Prince Rupert continues to expand truck traffic along the HWY 16 corridor will continue to increase. It is critical that this major transportation route be upgraded to meet the increasing traffic flows.


UBCM Comments:

The UBCM membership endorsed resolution 2014-B81, which asked the provincial government to develop an “Asia-Pacific northern infrastructure strategy” to address barriers to trade and transportation, and impacts to northern communities along Highway 16; and called for consultation with northern stakeholder communities and industry as part of the development of the strategy.

In response to the resolution, the provincial government referenced an analysis of multi-modal transportation trade networks along Highway 16, as part of the Pacific Gateway Initiative.

UBCM also notes that members have consistently endorsed resolutions seeking a province-wide, multi-modal transportation strategy or policy that would include components such as highway upgrades; safety improvements; transportation of dangerous goods; emergency response; and coordination between different modes of transport (2013-B13, 2009-B16, 2008-B110, 2008-B107, 2003-B59, 2000-B63, 1998-A6, 1996-B88, 1995-B55, 1992-A17).

North Central Local Government Association