Priority Funding of Flood Prevention Capital Projects



WHEREAS in early history, settlements occurred by waterways to provide for the transportation of people and goods;

AND WHEREAS these settlements have become the villages, towns and cities of today;

AND WHEREAS many of these communities are threatened by the potential of catastrophic flooding;

AND WHEREAS Small communities with relatively low tax bases are heavily dependent on senior government grants for flood protection as well as other infrastructure;

AND WHEREAS grant programmes are heavily subscribed resulting in long approval processes and a shortage of grant money;

AND WHEREAS there is a need for more funds dedicated to flood prevention in a more expedient manner:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that UBCM lobby both the provincial and federal governments for small community priority funding of flood prevention capital projects.


UBCM Comments: The UBCM membership has not previously endorsed a resolution requesting that the provincial and federal governments provide funding to small communities for flood prevention capital projects.

However, UBCM membership has consistently endorsed resolutions requesting funding for flood protection, prevention and mitigation measures, including most recently 2016-B56, 2015-B7, 2015-B6, 2014-B76, 2013-A2, 2013-A1, 2012-B4, 2011-B79, 2011-B12, 2011-B11, 2010-B8, 2009-B3, 2008-B69, and 2007-A1.

In response to endorsed resolution 2016-B56, the provincial government re-affirmed its commitment to support local governments in emergency and disaster response activities. The Province also outlined the Emergency Program Act provisions requiring provincial assistance in large magnitude emergencies or disasters, as well as other assistance provided by provincial authorities. The Province is also committed to continuing to provide guidance, training, and funding of incremental response costs (e.g. overtime, equipment rental, specialized support).

UBCM has a long standing policy position that the Provincial Government should provide local government with financial assistance to manage disasters and to undertake the studies needed to improve the system.

North Central Local Government Association