Professional Reliance



WHEREAS the provincial government is undertaking a review of BC’s natural resource sector professional reliance model to be complete by Spring 2018;

AND WHEREAS the use of professional reliance within BC’s resource sector is a long-standing practice;

AND WHEREAS over the past decade the use of professional reliance has increased in response to government’s regulatory reform initiatives;

AND WHEREAS since 2013 the Environmental Appeal Board, Forest Practices Board, Office of the Auditor General and Office of the Ombudsperson have highlighted the need for adequate oversight of qualified professionals in providing independent, objective advice to government regulators;

AND WHEREAS there is increasing public concern related to specific instances of decision-making based on professional reliance:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Government of British Columbia ensure that government oversight of professional associations, and professional associations that oversee qualified professionals, employ best practices to protect the public interest in the management of public land by the natural resource sector.


UBCM Comments: The Resolutions Committee notes that the membership endorsed a similar resolution regarding the need for government oversight of professional associations and qualified professionals. Endorsed Resolution 2016-B108 called on the Province to assess the effectiveness of current professional reliance regimes in order to reduce potential for conflicts of interest, ensure appropriate checks and balances, improve environmental performance and restore government approval authority where necessary.




North Central Local Government Association