Province to Consult with Local Governments

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NCLGA Executive Recommendation: Endorse | Endorsed by the NCLGA Membership


Whereas the Province of British Columbia has a responsibility to consult with local governments as a stakeholder prior to implementing new programs that may affect local governments and their constituents and this consultation has been decreasing;

And whereas local-governments can provide vital insight when new programs are being considered due to  the vast local knowledge of their area:

Therefore be it resolved that the NCLGA and UBCM remind the Province of British Columbia that open and transparent consultation with local governments and local stakeholders at the preliminary stages of a proposed program is vital.


The Resolutions Committee notes that the membership has consistently endorsed resolutions which call on the Province to consult with local governments. Resolution 2001-A9 requested that the Province and its related commissions and boards ensure “adequate consultation takes place and encourage development of MOUs on specific referrals with affected local governments prior to their making land use, development and environmental decisions.”

Members have also sought consultation prior to provincial action on a number of specific issues, including:

·       2018-B116 - consult on steps to save Southern Mountain Caribou

·       2017-B32 - consult on placement of wind turbines

·       2017-B100 - consult on placement of microcell transmitters

·       2017-B114 - consult on steps to save Woodland Caribou

·       2016-B33 - consult on industrial projects

·       2016-B35 - consult on the establishment of group homes

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