Provincial Policing

Justice and Protective Services


WHEREAS the Province of BC has established a population based formula to allocate RCMP resources to provide police services to the rural areas of the province which does not address growing property crimes and traffic offences in rural communities;

AND WHEREAS other jurisdictions have enabled peace officers and sheriffs to assist with traffic offences, warrant apprehension, surveillance and other duties to assist the RCMP:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that UBCM request that the Province of BC explore the roles of peace officers and sheriffs in other jurisdictions to determine if legislation could be enacted in BC to assist the RCMP by providing similar services, in an effort to increase policing services in the rural areas of the province.


UBCM Comments: The UBCM membership has not previously endorsed a resolution that specifically requests the Province research the roles of sheriffs and peace officers in other jurisdictions to potentially expand their roles in BC and increase policing services in rural areas.

UBCM membership did endorse resolution 2013-B89, which requested that the Province amend the Police Act and create another level of police services. In response, the BC Ministry of Justice cited an upcoming “comprehensive review” of law enforcement, related to the recently completed BC Policing and Public Safety Plan. To UBCM’s knowledge, there were no tangible results from this review.

UBCM would observe that local governments, in the past, have expressed concerns about costs associated with an additional level of policing (e.g. additional staff, training, equipment).

Additionally, the RCMP Senior Executive Committee recently elected to expand the duties of Auxiliary Constables through a new tiered Auxiliary Constable Program model, consistent with the results of an October 2016 UBCM membership survey. The tiered model will allow Auxiliary Constables to participate in a wide range of activities based on experience, training and a local community’s needs. This decision will also impact the January 2016 amendments to the Auxiliary Constable Program (ACP) that ended firearms familiarization training and ride-alongs, among other things. The UBCM membership recently endorsed resolution 2016-B3, seeking a reversal of the January 2016 amendments.

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