Regional Hospital District Capital Funding Formula



WHEREAS regional hospital districts were created under the Hospital District Act to raise a “local share” of capital costs for hospital equipment and buildings through property taxation;

AND WHEREAS the Province is moving towards making other provincial services such as transportation totally a provincial responsibility;

AND WHEREAS the current standard practice for capital infrastructure projects is a cost sharing formula of 40% for regional hospital districts and 60% for the Province, resulting in unsustainable continuous increases to local property taxation levies for regional hospital districts:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the provincial government review the method of using property tax revenue for funding health care infrastructure projects and formally reduce the expectation placed on regional hospital districts.


UBCM Comments: The UBCM membership has considered and endorsed resolutions on this issue in 2017-B39 and 2016-B114 .

While the provincial response for resolution 2017-B39 has not been received at the time of writing, the Provincial Government responded in 2016 by expressing a general openness to a review of the historic cost sharing ratio, with the caveat that it can only undertake a review when the legislative agenda permits. The Province indicated that it would consult with regional hospital districts as part of such a review.

UBCM’s Health and Social Development Committee is currently seeking a meeting with the Minister and his staff to discuss Regional Hospital Districts at their May 2018 meeting

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