Rural Living Allowance



WHEREAS, the Village of Fraser Lake, on behalf of all Rural Communities request that the Federal Government consider a Rural Living Allowance for communities that have limited access to vital services;

AND WHEREAS, residents of many rural communities in BC are disadvantaged by the lack of in community services. Residents are often required to travel out of town for medical appointments, specialist appointments, cancer treatments, dialysis, access to Service Canada resources, optometrist appointments, dental appointments, shopping and groceries. The additional costs of accommodation and travel are hardships that are not endured by all British Columbians:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Federal Government of Canada establish a application process for a Rural Living Allowance to residents of rural communities meeting the criteria of a lack of medical services, government services or basic consumer supplies such as groceries, travel barriers and significant economic downturn as determined by the Treasury Board of Canada.



North Central Local Government Association