Compulsory Labeling of GMO Food

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Endorsed by the NCLGA Membership | Referred to UBCM Executive


WHEREAS the long term health effects of consuming genetically modified organisms in food products is uncertain and the requirements of Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection agency limit labeling to known health and safety risks which would be mitigated by labeling;

AND WHEREAS the safety and security of food is critical to a healthy community and public polls indicate that Canadians want to see labels identifying genetically modified organisms in food products;

AND WHEREAS consumers have a fundamental right to know how their food is produced:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NCLGA and UBCM lobby the Provincial and Federal Governments to enact legislation which would require consumer labeling of products sold in British Columbia where there are genetically modified organisms in those food products.

Additional Information

UBCM Comments: The UBCM membership considered but did not endorse resolution 2009-B151, which asked that the provincial government require labelling of all food products containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in British Columbia.

The membership did, however, endorse resolution 2012-B126 which asked that the provincial government legislate the prohibition of importing, exporting, and the domestic production of fruit and plant material containing genetically engineered (GE) DNA constructs and to declare through legislation that BC is a GE Free province in respect to all tree fruit products.

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Background Information: