Council/Board Accountability



Referred back to the NCLGA Executive by the NCLGA Membership


WHEREAS a well functioning Local Government Council or Board requires the full participation of every elected member in Council/Board Meetings, Committee Meetings and meetings of other bodies to which the member is appointed;

AND WHEREAS it is very disruptive and disrespectful for an elected official to hold office but not actively and fully participate in such meetings to which the elected member is appointed yet there are no consequences for non participation:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that NCLGA lobby UBCM to lobby the Province to enact amending legislation imposing consequences up to and including disqualification to deal with participation by elected officials at Council/Board meetings, Committee Meetings and meetings of other bodies to which the member is appointed in order to provide local governments with the tools needed to encourage and ensure full participation by their elected officials.

Background Information

Council decision making is a collective and shared power, and the system cannot function properly unless all elected members fully participate. It is in the best interest of communities to have an active and engaged council, whose elected officials attend not only regular meetings, but also budget, orientation, strategic planning, committee and other meetings.

There may be a perception that the Councillor/Director with poor attendance is not pulling their weight and is wasting the time of the rest of Council/Board when they have to be brought up to speed on issues arising from meetings they have missed.

An elected official who attends educational opportunities, such as the UBCM and Area Association Conventions and the Newly Elected Officials training is more likely to be well informed and provide more value to their community.