Harmonized Federal and Provincial Environmental Assessment Process



Endorsed by the NCLGA Membership - Defeated by the UBCM Membership


WHEREAS many potential projects of economic importance to British Columbia are required to undergo a separate, thorough, and detailed environmental assessment review with both the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia;

AND WHEREAS the Province of British Columbia has successfully processed these environmental assessments in a more timely manner than the Federal Government has been able to;

AND WHEREAS many of these projects are important to the economic and social well-being of British Columbians throughout the entire Province and lengthy delays in the environmental assessment process has the potential to cause many projects to be lost:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that NCLGA supports the initiative of the Province of British Columbia to combine the environmental assessment review processes of both the Provincial and the Federal Government into one integrated process and urges the Government of Canada to support the initiative for the betterment of British Columbians and Canadians;

AND FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that NCLGA forward the resolution and its support to the MLA’s and MP’s of the NCLGA area requesting their support for this initiative; to the Ministers responsible for both the environmental review process in British Columbia and with the Government of Canada; the Premier of British Columbia and the Prime Minister of Canada; and to the UBCM for the 2010 Convention.

Additional Information

UBCM comments:

The UBCM membership has not previously considered a resolution requesting that the provincial and federal governments harmonize their environmental assessment review processes into one integrated process.