Health Service Consultation



Endorsed by the NCLGA Membership - Amended & Endorsed by the UBCM Membership


WHEREAS health service is a vital part of remote rural communities and local health providers know the health needs and service requirements of their community better than outside sources;

AND WHEREAS all residents throughout BC deserve essential health service;

AND WHEREAS reductions in the current health services in their own community results in added costs and stress to residents, especially the elderly and low income residents, particularly in winter conditions when they must travel to seek health services that are often located a considerable distance away:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that NCLGA and UBCM lobby the Provincial Government to ensure that any change in levels of health services to small remote communities are only considered by health authorities in consultation with the local health providers, residents of the community and the local government.


Amended by the UBCM Membership: 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that UBCM request that the provincial government ensure that any proposed change in the level of health services available to any community must first be the subject of consultation between the health authority and local health providers, residents of the affected community and the relevant local governments.

Additional Information

UBCM Comments: The UBCM membership has consistently endorsed resolutions calling for the provincial government to provide opportunities for meaningful consultation with local governments on health care issues and changes to health care services (2012-B93, 2007-B53, 2004-B29, 2003-A10, 2003-B101, 2002-B61).

In response to resolution 2012-B93 the provincial government highlighted several initiatives already underway to improve access to medical services in all health regions. Examples of these initiatives include:

  • increased enrolment in medical school, and regional distribution of medical education to northern BC, the Okanagan, and Vancouver Island;
  • the $10 million Rural Enhancement Emergency Fund; and
  • provincial government participation on the Committee on Rural Issues - a collaborative initiative with the BC Medical Association

UBCM would suggest an amendment to the resolution in order to frame the need for consultation as a province-wide issue, one that is not limited to small, remote communities.