NCLGA Regional Representative Bylaw Update

Selected Issues


Endorsed by the NCLGA Membership


WHEREAS when the NCLGA Executive composition was originally developed the intent was to ensure that each geographic area was represented at the Board Table;

AND WHEREAS Bylaw Part 5, Section 24, Item 4 (iii) states that one representative from each Regional District shall be a Director, but it is open to interpretation as it does not clearly state whether Regional Representatives are elected or appointed to the position:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NCLGA Bylaw, Part 5, Section 24, Item 4 (iii) be amended to read as follows: one representative as appointed by each Regional District area shall be a Director.

Background Information


Since the early 2000’s there have been a number of discussions around “regional representation” on the NCLGA Board. When the Board composition was originally developed the intent was to ensure that each geographic area covered by a regional district be represented at the Board Table. This bylaw was developed to ensure that, when an elected board is not well balanced geographically, it is still well informed when deliberating issues that will have an impact throughout the NCLGA region.


By providing a recommended selection process for Regional District representation to the NCLGA board, the organization hopes to ensure a consistent approach to nomination procedures across the NCLGA area. The deadline for submitting the names of Regional District appointees will be consistent with the nomination deadline for elected positions.

•             Each Regional District will responsible for appointing a representative to the NCLGA Board.

•             Any local government elected official from within the Regional District boundaries may put their name forward to that Regional District to be considered as the NCLGA Regional Representative. (The elected official does not necessarily have to be on the Regional District Board, but may be from a municipality within the Regional District boundaries.)

•             The Regional District Board will develop criteria for selection of their NCLGA Representative that ensures knowledgeable representation.

•             The Regional District Board will appoint their NCLGA Representative based on the set criteria that it has developed and submit the information to the NCLGA by the prescribed deadline.

•             In the event that the regional representative position becomes vacant during the term, the Regional District will be responsible for appointing a substitute for the remainder of the current NCLGA term of office.