Protection of Small Community Grants



Endorsed by the NCLGA Membership


WHEREAS local governments provide important and vital services to the residents of British Columbia;

AND WHEREAS small communities have come to rely on Provincial revenues, in the form of ‘Unconditional’ or ‘Small Community Protection’ grants (also known as ‘Community Strategic Investment’ grants), in order to support their ability to provide such services to the residents of this Province;

AND WHEREAS the Government of Canada has just recently recognized the true importance and value of strategic, predictable and long term investments in local government infrastructure to Canada:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the North Central Local Government Association petition the UBCM, to encourage the Government of British Columbia to commit to ensuring stable, predictable and sustainable funding for small communities in British Columbia to ensure adequate revenue resources for these communities to allow them to continue to provide essential infrastructure and local government services to the residents and businesses of their respective communities and to the Province of British Columbia as a whole.

Additional Information

This resolution was accidently omitted from the UBCM Resolutions book.

Background Information

FCM Update – April 12, 2013

Budget 2013 and Rural Infrastructure

The 2013-14 federal budget tabled in Parliament in Ottawa on March 21, 2013, delivers significant gains for rural municipalities, and fulfills many of the objectives of FCM’s infrastructure advocacy campaign.
I would like to thank and congratulate all members of the Rural Forum and FCM staff for developing and participating in such a focused and successful campaign. We have proven that when we come together, listen to each other and set common goals, we can have tremendous influence.
Let’s take stock of how far we’ve come.

There’s no denying the federal government has provided municipalities with an unprecedented commitment through the indexing of the permanent Gas Tax Fund, which guarantees its value over time, and the 10-year funding and program framework for the new Building Canada Fund. 
Just as important, the budget entrenches the principle of long-term sustainable infrastructure funding. For rural municipalities, this long-term funding commitment will help with capital planning and make it easier to project needs and priorities over the longer term.

While the details of the infrastructure funding programs, including rural-specific components in the Building Canada Fund, remain to be determined, the government has shown it is committed to continuing its partnership with the municipal sector. FCM will be consulted in the program design phase and we will work to ensure the needs of small, rural and northern communities are addressed, including through a streamlining of the Small Communities Component.

For more information on the federal budget, please consult FCM’s detailed analysis of Budget 2013 and Rural Infrastructure. For further information, please contact Daniel Rubinstein, Policy Analyst, 613-907-6294.
David Marit
Chair, FCM Rural Forum
Councillor, Rural Municipality of Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan