A3: Rape Culture in Canada

Social Issues


Endorsed by the NCLGA Membership


WHEREAS sexual assaults continue to be committed across Canada, and victims are of every age, race, income and gender;

AND WHEREAS sexual assaults are under-reported, and prosecution and conviction rates are low:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the North Central Local Government Association and the Union of British Columbian Municipalities petition for an intergovernmental task force be convened to determine the steps needed to erase the “rape culture” that is pervasive in schools, universities, workplaces and elsewhere across Canada.  Further, that the task force be mandated to elicit testimony from victims in order to determine the steps needed to improve the reporting, arrest and conviction rates across Canada.

Background Information

Statistics Canada’s Crime Victimization Study in 2004, published again by YWCA in 2014, found 490,000 sexual assaults were committed that year.  For every 1000 of these, 33 were reported, 12 were charged, and 3 were convicted.  A similar 1993 study found that approximately 6% of victims reported these crimes.

Twitter #beenrapedneverreported has become a global conversation, with over 11,000 posts within the first few days of its inception, and millions of tweets, retweets and replies to date. 

We understand that this is an extremely complex issue with no easy solutions, and that every level of government has some responsibility for various aspects of the solution, hence the task force recommendation with representation from all levels of government, including local government, as well as service providers, educators, and sexual assault survivors.