School District Funding



Endorsed by the NCLGA and UBCM Memberships


WHEREAS a stable, effective public education system is instrumental in creating and supporting a successful and sustainable community; and many School Districts have announced significant financial challenges for 2010 and beyond;

AND WHEREAS the closure of rural schools is detrimental to the development of students and effectively removes the heart of the community with significant social and economic loss, and minimizes the opportunity for any growth in the community:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NCLGA and UBCM strongly request the Government of BC to continue its commitment to build strong communities throughout the Province by adequately funding education and rural schools to achieve integrated sustainability of communities throughout the Province.

Additional Information

UBCM comments:

The UBCM membership has consistently endorsed resolutions calling on the provincial government to provide adequate funding for education and schools in BC (2009-B58, 2008-B22, 2006-B165, 2006-B167, 2005-B157, 2004-B94, 2003-B135, 2002-LR2).

In its response to the 2009 resolution, the provincial government stated that education is a priority and pointed out that it has increased education funding by $1.3 billion since 2000 / 2001 ($873 million in operating grants and $407 million in one-time grants). The Province also projected an average per-pupil funding increase to $8,323 in 2009 / 10 – a $205 increase over the 2008 / 09 funding of $8,118 and observed that the per-pupil funding amount has increased by an estimated $2,107 since 2000-1.