B1: Support for the Forestry Industry

Community and Resources,Forestry


NCLGA Executive Recommendation: Endorse | Endorsed by the NCLGA Membership


WHEREAS the forest industry continues to be an economic mainstay of the province, providing stable employment for tens of thousands of families, and contributing $12.4 billion to provincial GDP and $2.5 billion in taxes and fees to the three levels of government;

AND WHEREAS the competitive advantage of the British Columbia forest industry has been eroded by cumulative impacts including timber supply declines, uncertainty on the land base, and delays in provincial market pricing processes;

AND WHEREAS these cumulative impacts threaten the economic well-being of communities throughout British Columbia;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NCLGA call upon the Province to deliver the full allowable cut under the BC Timber Sales program, complete a science-based inventory of the available timber supply, and move assertively to increase operating certainty on the working forest land base.


The UBCM membership has consistently endorsed resolutions calling on the provincial government to undertake specific actions and policy review in order to support the continued viability of the forest industry in BC (2012-B33, 2011-B57, 2010-B98, 2010-B104, 2010-B105, 2009-A5, 2009-B47, 2009-B48, 2009-B131, 2007-B41, 2007-B42, 2007-B44, 2007-B179, 2006-B43, 2006-B148, 2005-B32, 2005-B33, 2005-B35, 2005-B125, 2005-B126, 1998-B75, 1992-B33).