Tax Revenue for the Protection of Animals

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Endorsed by the NCLGA Membership | Referred to UBCM Executive


WHEREAS animal abuse complaints and the protection of animals is handled by various non-profit organizations throughout BC;

AND WHEREAS these societies are in constant need of financial support as they receive no provincial government funding and are only able to operate due to the sustained efforts of volunteers and support through independent donations:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NCLGA request Provincial legislation be implemented to levy an additional tax of up to one half of one percent on all commercially produced animal food sales in British Columbia to help cover the operational costs of non-profit animal protection organizations.

Additional Information

UBCM Comments: In 2009 due to time constraints, the UBCM membership referred a similar resolution, B180, to the UBCM Executive. Resolution 2009-B180 called on the provincial government to levy an additional tax on animal food sales, with the revenue from this tax to assist with the operational costs of the BC SPCA. Upon consideration, the UBCM Executive did not endorse resolution 2009-B180.

In its comments on resolution 2009-B180, the UBCM Resolutions Committee observed that sales tax on a specific product, such as gasoline, had theretofore been levied only in cases where the revenue raised was directed to agencies that were accountable to the public. The Committee wondered whether it was appropriate to levy a specific sales tax solely for the purpose of funding the programs of a non-government organization, and whether such additional taxes on products would be acceptable to the public.

The UBCM membership has endorsed related resolutions requesting provincial funding for the BC SPCA (2011-B144, 2011-B145). In response to resolutions 2011-B144 and 2011-B145, the provincial government suggested that its 2011 amendments to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act would ensure a greater level of protection for animals. The Province indicated that it would not provide further financial support to the BC SPCA, instead encouraging local governments to work with the BC SPCA to “find workable solutions within the current resource envelope.”