Transforming the Fire/Rescue Service Report Recommendations

Justice and Protective Services


Endorsed by the NCLGA and UBCM Memberships


WHEREAS the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General will be considering a report titled "Public Safety in British Columbia: Transforming the Fire/Rescue Service Report" which will affect the provision of fire rescue services in the rural areas of the Province;

AND WHEREAS the Regional District of Bulkley Nechako is concerned about the impact upon local governments of the recommendations being put forward by the Fire Services Liaison Group to the Provincial Government:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NCLGA and UBCM request that the Provincial Government hold consultation meetings for local governments to provide direct input to the Province regarding the proposed recommendations.

Additional Information

UBCM comments:

The UBCM membership endorsed resolution 2009-B72, which suggested to the Province that the new draft model for the fire / rescue system posed significant financial and liability implications for rural volunteer fire fighters, with potential negative effects on the recruitment and retention of volunteer fire fighters in rural and remote areas of the province.

UBCM identified a number of measures proposed in the new model that would have financial implications, and requested that the costs of each measure be identified, and that new revenue sources to support the measure be outlined and discussed with local government before any changes were made. It is very important that local government fully understand the costs of changing the model for the delivery of fire services.

The Province has expressed awareness of the challenges faced by many volunteer fire departments from a retention and recruitment perspective, and is willing to consider the new model’s impact on small rural fire departments.