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Endorsed by the NCLGA and UBCM Memberships


WHEREAS the Union of British Columbia Municipalities hosts an annual convention which includes the introduction and debate of items and issues of importance to Local Government in British Columbia;

AND WHEREAS the UBCM Convention provides an opportunity to Local Government elected officials to have consultation meetings with Provincial Government ministries and support organizations, which creates scheduling conflicts between attending UBCM resolution debate sessions and the Provincial Government meetings:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NCLGA requests the UBCM Executive to ask the Provincial Government to discontinue scheduling ministry and support organization meetings during the scheduled UBCM resolutions sessions.

Additional Information

The UBCM Membership has not previously considered a resolution requesting the Provincial Government to discontinue scheduling Ministry and support organization meetings during the scheduled UBCM Resolutions Sessions.

An informal agreement between UBCM and Provincial Staff is already in place. Under this agreement, Provincial Staff avoid scheduling meetings between Provincial Staff and Local Governments during the first resolutions session at Convention – the time when the UBCM membership considers the Section A (priority) resolutions.

With regard to meetings involving Cabinet Ministers, however, UBCM has no influence on scheduling, since each Cabinet Minister schedules his or her meetings individually through direct communication with Local Governments.

Background Information

The UBCM Convention is the only opportunity each year for all Local Government elected officials across BC to meet to discuss issues, initiatives and legislation that affect Local Government.

Open discussion and debate around issues brought to the convention floor is the primary reason for attendance at the annual UBCM conference. It is critical that every elected official has the opportunity to listen, contribute and vote on convention resolutions.

Currently, it is on the verge of disrespect that the Provincial Government attends conventions and schedules 15 minute meetings during the UBCM Resolution Sessions. It would appear that over the years these side meetings have grown to now be more important than our UBCM resolutions.

Respectfully requesting the Province to discontinue side bar meetings during the convention resolutions discussion and debate would go a long way to bringing good governance and full participation back to our UBCM convention floor.