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Northern Rockies
Constitution and Bylaws
Published May 10, 2018
(320 KB)

NCLGA Bylaws were adopted by the Board of Directors and are in effect as of April 2018.

2023-2026 NCLGA Strategic Plan
Published Oct 5, 2022
(5.64 MB)

The 2023-2026 Strategic Plan was approved by the NCLGA Board of Directors in December 2022, and presents a series of strategic priorities and goals which address the challenges facing our regional community.

Policy Manual
Published Feb 22, 2018
(691 KB)

NCLGA Policies were adopted by the Board of Directors and are in effect as of January 2018.

NCLGA Policy for Emerging and Emergency Issues
Published Jan 27, 2021
(605 KB)

This policy summarizes the North Central Local Government Association procedures for addressing emerging and emergency issues that are raised by members between AGMs. Members may notify NCLGA about new emerging and emergency issues in two ways:

  1. Submit an Emerging or Emergency Issue Resolution
  2. Submit an Emerging or Emergency Issue Delegation Request for an NCLGA Board Meeting

The complete policy is outlined in the document below. The policy defines emerging and emergency issues, the full procedures for advising NCLGA about these issues, and NCLGA’s review and decision-making process for advocacy.

Letter of Support Policy
Published Mar 22, 2021
(514 KB)

This policy outlines the North Central Local Government Association’s process for approving letter of support requests from organizations and local governments. The entire policy, including the Letter of Support Request Form, is outlined in the document below.

Please allow up to 3 weeks to process requests.

NCLGA Policy for Memorandum of Understandings
Published Jul 5, 2021
(417 KB)

This policy outlines NCLGA’s procedures for developing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with another organization.

2024 Resolution Guidelines
Published Oct 13, 2023
(391 KB)

Call for Nominations

The following positions are elected at each NCLGA AGM and Convention, and are effective until the AGM and Convention the following year. 

  • President
  • 1st Vice-President
  • 2nd Vice-President
  • Director at Large (three positions)

Qualifications for Office
Each candidate must be an elected official from a NCLGA member local government, regional district, or First Nation.

Nomination Process
A candidate must be nominated by two elected officials from a NCLGA member local government, regional district, or First Nation using the approved nomination and consent forms (uploaded to the website when the nomination period opens).

Advance Nominations
NCLGA will prepare a Nominations Report within the Annual Report, which will include a photo and 300-word biography for each candidate. The Nominations Report will be distributed to all NCLGA members for their consideration two weeks prior to the AGM. To be included in this report, nominations must be received by the noted due date. Candidates will have an opportunity to deliver a two-minute speech at the AGM and Convention.

Off the Floor Nominations
Off the floor nominations will be accepted at the AGM and Convention, where candidates will have an opportunity to deliver a two-minute speech. 

The following information needs to be submitted to NCLGA in order to have a nomination included in the Annual report and sent out to all members in advance of the AGM. 

  • Nomination and Consent Form (completed and signed) 
  • Portrait photograph (resolution: 300 ppi; size: 600x400 px; JPEG format)
  • Biographical The maximum length shall be 300 words. If the length exceeds this limit, NCLGA shall return it once for editing. If it still exceeds 300 words, NCLGA shall edit as required.


2024-2025 Board of Directors Nomination Guidelines
Published Oct 13, 2023
(148 KB)
Lifetime Achievement Award Nominations; Updated Due Date
Published Apr 16, 2024
(263 KB)
Community Leadership Award Guidelines; updated due date
Published Apr 24, 2024
(266 KB)

We are currently accepting community BID proposals for the 2026 NCLGA AGM and Convention.

Hosting the AGM and Convention not only provides significant economic benefits, but it gives communities the opportunity to help set the agenda for the event.

From sessions and speakers to official tours, the host community has significant input into specific programming over the course of the event. Hosting the convention also offers an opportunity to showcase the community and show off what makes it a great place to live, work, and invest. 

The NCLGA AGM and Convention is a fantastic event and we encourage your community to consider hosting north central BC’s top decision makers!  

Proposal Guidelines

to be updated with new file

2026 Community Host Bid Proposal Guidelines
Published Nov 22, 2023
(212 KB)

To prepare your communities’ bid proposal, please address the information in the bid proposal guidelines as specifically as possible.

Please submit completed proposals to  

Health Care Survey Report
Published Oct 23, 2021
(1.06 MB)

In 2021, NCLGA’s Health Care Committee released a survey to members. The purpose of the survey was to more fully understand any gaps in health services in member communities, areas of health service delivery that are working well, and other important topics. NCLGA has prepared a report summarizing the findings of the survey. The report is accessible below.

Union of British Columbia Municipalities:

UBCM Resolution Database: UBCM Resolutions Database

Member Directory: Member Directory

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