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Used Tire Collection

Year: 2022
Sponsors: Village of McBride
NCLGA Ref#: L15
UBCM Ref#: EB54


Endorsed by the NCLGA Membership | Endorsed by the NCLGA Membership - Amended & Endorsed by the UBCM Membership

WHEREAS the Tire Stewardship of BC website identifies Regional Transfer Stations in the north as the only location within small rural communities to which used tires can be returned for recycling and Various Regional Districts have notified the public that they will no longer accept used tires for recycling at the Regional Transfer Stations due to space constraints and collection issues; and
WHEREAS the loss of used tire collections sites within rural areas will result in the public discarding used tires on Crown Land along Forest Service Roads and within Gravel Pits; thus, defeating the Provincial Government strategy to place the responsibility for end-of-life product management on the producer and consumers, not the general taxpayer. The Provincial Government will have to cover the costs associated with clean up and disposal of the used tires discarded within crown lands.  In addition, the environmental damage brings its own issues and costs: 
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the NCLGA and UBCM petition the Province of British Columbia to work with Tire Stewardship of BC to ensure proper collection and disposal of used tires in all British Columbia communities.



Meeting held December 1, 2022 with NCLGA Executive, Hon. Minister George Heyman, SMA Danielle Monroe, Bob McDonald (ENV-Director), Nat Gosman (EMLI Executive Director), Katherine Muncaster (EMLI – Director), Adrian Hickin (EMLI – Executive Director/Chief Geologist)

During discussion on Resolution L15, the following comments were offered:
• We are currently reviewing the revised Tire Stewardship of BC Plan and there are areas where improvements and enhancements are needed. There are issues around access, proper disposal and collection, particularly in rural communities and we are live to that issue.
•  There was a backlog of tires for some time, but that backlog was cleared up in the early summer and tires are now being directed to local retailers which is the predominant means of collection across the province. The timing of the NCLGA’s ask is perfect as the Tire Stewardship program is under review. In addition, we are conducting an accessibility study on the access to EPR services across the province for all programs, with a special focus on rural and remote communities. There are 21 different stewards with 21 different ways of justifying the level of access they provide for the different programs across the province. We do not prescribe one way in particular but the study will help to develop a formula or a set of standards that will show what is needed at a minimum to address specific situations for services, like improper disposal of tires. That work will conclude at end of this fiscal year and next month a decision will be made on the plan and then what accessibility looks like for all EPR programs.

Action Item: Bob McDonald agreed to follow-up with Terry Roberts on the Tire Stewardship of BC review.

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