Provincial Sales Tax on Fossil Fuel Combustion Systems



NCLGA Executive Recommendation: Endorse | Endorsed by the NCLGA Membership


Whereas in 2022 the BC Government initiated a Provincial Sales Tax increase of an extra 5% to be paid on all Fossil Fuel Combustion Systems for heating homes including: central forced air furnaces, unit heaters, fireplaces, boilers, storage water heaters, instantaneous water heaters, air conditioners and all replacement parts for said heating systems or similar systems to those listed;

Therefore be it resolved that NCLGA and UBCM lobby the provincial government to exempt those who live in the northern regions of British Columbia from paying the Provincial Sales Tax surcharge of 5% on Fossil Fuel Combustion Systems in consideration of the climate in this geographical area and the inefficiencies of electric heat pumps in heating northern homes when temperatures drop to -20 degrees Celsius or below.